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Weightless Burdens

Is it possible to still face everyday problems, and still have joy, and peace? Is it possible to smile, and have a glad heart even though every situation around you tells you to be burdened? Today I want to remind you that joy, peace, and a glad heart all are possible in the midst of adversity. Many times during our walk through life, we allow everyday problems to weigh us down. We carry burdens that we were never meant to carry. Our Heavenly Father is so gracious, and loves us so much, that He tells us to give Him every care, every hurt, and everything that may be weighing us down. He invites us to find peace, and rest in Him. Although the problem at hand may not go away, we are still able to hand over our thoughts by meditating on the Heavenly Father, and allow Him to steady our hearts. Be reminded, especially during this time of the year to seek peace in the Heavenly Father. Whatever burdens you may be carrying, allow Him to be your peace. Allow Him to help you smile. Allow Him to do what He has asked of you, and carry the stones that are weighing you down. He will sustain you through whatever it is you are faced with at this very moment. Allow love, hope, joy, and peace to replace your burdens. In all things, acknowledge Him, seek Him, and He will direct you in the way that you should go.

Bible verse Matthew 11:28-29

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