Give Me Faith

Give me faith to trust what you say, that you’re good and your love is great.

-Elevation Worship-

Some days it’s easier to believe than others. Although we know what God tells us in His word, it can sometimes be overshadowed by our own doubt. We look at the things that are surrounding us, and think to ourselves, How? God how are you going to turn this grain of sand into a mountain? How are you going to take this broken shell, and make it whole again? How are you going to make me into a beautiful masterpiece just as you promised? Before God created the heavens, and the earth, He had a vision. Although there was complete darkness, He saw something so much more than what was there in the present. He saw something new, and then He spoke. In the same way, He already knows everything that you “WILL” be. He sees the grain of sand in your hand. He sees your broken shell. He sees your blank canvas. That’s what’s so amazing about our Heavenly Father, He is the creator of all creators. Sometimes we have to be reminded of all the amazing things God has already done in our lives. When we take moments to reflect, we will see that He has been with us every step of the way. He has been leading, and guiding us. He has been pushing us to step outside of our own minds, so that we can adopt His. He has been encouraging you to keep fighting. He has been telling you to trust Him, and have faith. Since the beginning, He has been with you. He knows the plans He has for you. His plans for you are good, and to do you no harm. He already sees you as a beautiful masterpiece. He already sees you as a mountain. He already sees your shell as a whole. Ask the Heavenly Father to give you faith to trust what He has already said. Ask Him to remind you who He is. Take some time to look within yourself today. You already are, you just need to believe enough to see it.

Bible Verse Genisis 1:1-2

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Mind Transformation

The Power of Counting Blessings

Counting our blessings is not just about forming an attitude of gratitude; It’s about attracting and allowing room for more positive things to happen in our lives. One would agree that a glass is either half full, or empty based on your perspective. When we focus our attention on our blessings, we have more joy in our lives. Our hearts become merry, and we are able to be love, and share that gift with everyone that crosses our path. When we count our blessings, we shift our mindset from negative thinking, to positive thinking, which affects everything around us. It opens us up to receive more blessings, and positive things in our lives. We develop a new vision, and are able to see God’s hand in our lives even more. Counting our blessings allows us to give constant praise to the Heavenly Father for all He is doing, and has already done for us. When we count our blessings, we are reassured that everything that happens in our lives whether good or bad, will have a positive ending. Whatever things you may be going through in this very moment, has to come to an end. In the same way that the seasons change, so does the seasons of life. Take time to embrace the reasons to be grateful in your life. Allow your mind to be free from the constant state of worry. In all things, continue to acknowledge, and give thanks to the Heavenly Father for the many blessings He continues to pour upon your life. No longer focus on what’s missing from your life, but focus on all that has been added unto you. You are truly blessed, and so is everything around you.

Bible Verse Psalm 103:2

Encouragement For Today


Come Forth

IMG_7430One of the greatest gifts the Heavenly Father gave us was a brilliant mind. With the mind, we can create anything our heart desires. We create beautiful words that flow like music. We create masterpieces. Our mind is so brilliant that whatever thoughts we think on, has the ability to manifest in the natural. How amazing is that? Although the mind is such a mysterious beautiful work of art, it can also be the very thing that keeps us from reaching our fullest potential. What you feed it will grow. If we feed it love, joy, peace, kindness, and endless possibility, then that’s what it will produce. If you feed your mind hate, judgement, failure, and things that constantly bring you disappointment, then that’s what it will continue to produce. You truly do have a brilliant mind that is full of ideas, creations, and amazing works of art. It is just awaiting your command to step forth. If we were made in Gods image, and He is a creator, then we too are creators. I encourage you to release your mind to reach its fullest potential. Rewrite your thought patterns, and step forth my friend. You are brilliant, you are creative, and you have so much to offer the world. I pray that God blesses your mind, and the work of your hands. I pray that you will see past what’s in front of you, and see endless possibility.

Bible Verse Genesis 1:26-27

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Mind Transformation

A Shift In Perspective

As I ran out the door, I realized that I had forgotten my cell phone. I dashed back in the house, only to find myself searching for an additional ten minutes. Already running fifteen minutes behind schedule, I then hit traffic that was backed up from the morning rush, and what appeared to be an accident. I let out a sigh of frustration because I was going to be even later for my appointment, my entire day had been ruined because of this one thing.

We can all relate to that short story. We have all had days that did not start so well, and left us frustrated, and mad at the world. If you are like me, that short story somewhat drained you because your aurora is positive energy, and any form of negativity or complaining drains you. It’s easy to look at negative things that happen in our lives from an ungrateful point of view. We seem to grow more impatient, and self-centered everyday, leaving no room for seeing or caring for anyone outside of our circle. Sometimes it’s hard to see all of the positive forces that are at play in our lives, and take so many things for granted. If we took time to look at things from a view-point of gratitude, we would realize how blessed we truly are. ‘Lets rewrite that story.’

As I ran out the door, I realized that I had forgotten my cell phone. I dashed back in the house, only to find myself searching for an additional ten minutes. Already running fifteen minutes behind schedule, I then hit traffic that was backed up from the morning rush, and what appeared to be an accident, that happened about 15 minutes ago. Although I was running fifteen minutes behind, I realized had I not went back for my phone, I too would have been involved in that accident. I began to pray for those involved, and thanked God for the delay in my morning, and His grace. Once I made it to my appointment, I realized that I had written the wrong time down, and was still 30 minutes early. This is going to be a great day!

I pray that you will develop a new perspective regarding the things in your life that appear to be negative. Ask God to give you a new vision, so that you may walk in continuous gratitude for the things that are so easily taken for granted.

Bible Verse Psalm 50:23

Encouragement For Today



Why You Don’t Believe

why is it so hard for us to wrap our minds around the fact that we are unique, and purposed? Why do we continue to walk around defeated, with a defeated mindset? I may not know your exact reasons, but I am pretty sure they are similar to what mine were. We all have things that shape our perspective throughout life. Maybe your perspective was shaped by an unhealthy childhood. Maybe it was shaped by a bad relationship that left you broken, and confused. It could have even been shaped by the people you chose to keep in your circle. For me, all of those things mentioned shaped my beliefs. Experiencing the emotions of childhood rejection, and bad relationships, devalued my belief in myself for years. I couldn’t see past my hurt, and understand that I was purposed for greater. I didn’t believe in myself because no one else really did. Most of our beliefs are impostures of the truth. If your beliefs don’t tell you that you were created with a purpose, it’s an imposture. If your beliefs don’t tell you that there is greatness within you, it’s an imposture. If your beliefs tell you that you are not worthy, unloved, and rejected, it’s an imposture. We have to get rid of our limited beliefs. Those beliefs that tell us the opposite of what God says about us, and our capabilities. You are more than enough. You are not your past. You are more than the bad choices you have made. You are more than what you believe yourself to be. If you think back over your life, you will recall moments of hurt, and pain that impacted your beliefs. I encourage you to face those moments, and no longer allow them to control you anymore. No longer allow them to put false limitations on you. They have no place in your life. They can’t go with you where God is trying to take you. Be encouraged today my friend, and find something, and a reason to believe again. When we believe, we find hope. Where there is hope, there is possibility. I pray that you overcome whatever limited beliefs that you have, and allow your inner greatness to prevail.

Bible Verse Matthew 21:22

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Spiritual Growth

Here In Your Presence

In the midst of our busy lives, we often times neglect to rest. I don’t speak of resting in a sense of not going to work, or doing the task that need to be done. I speak of resting in Gods presence. It’s so easy for us to get in the flow of going through the motions, and allow our minds to become overwhelmed with the worries, and cares of life. We have developed a habit of concerning ourselves with things that aren’t ours to carry. We worry about tomorrow. We worry about next week. We worry about things that may not even happen, and give ourselves unnecessary anxiety. We have to be began to allow ourselves to become immersed in Gods presence. Your peace, and comfort, is found in His presence. Your burdens are lifted in His presence. Your doubts, and fears, fade in His presence. Your mind is set free in His presence. Today I am reminded that the things that I have made mountains in my life, become grains of sand when handed over to the Heavenly Father. He knows every thought, every worry, and everything that keeps you up at night. He knows every fear, every doubt, and every one of your needs. Take all of those things, and just rest in Him. Ask the Lord to give you peace, and help, to place things at His feet. I pray that we all take more time to enter into Gods presence, so that we can receive the peace that he desires to give us. I pray that His peace gives you the clarity that you need. I pray that His peace will steady your heart. It is in Gods presence that He reminds us that He is walking with us everyday. I encourage you to take a moment during your day to acknowledge the Heavenly Father. Enter into his presence, and receive the rest that you need. He’s the gift in our present, just waiting to be opened.

Bible Verse Exodus 33:14

Encouragement For Today


His Words Not Mine

I sometimes laugh at the silly voices I hear in my head. I even find myself talking back to them in an effort to correct the things being said. Although most people will not admit it, for fear of being judged, we all hear those faint voices. The voices that tell you not to encourage someone for fear of what they may think. The voice that says don’t write that blog, because no one is going to read it anyway. The voices that say there’s no need to try because you’re going to fail. For many years, I listened, and entertained the lies. I found that the more I listened, the louder they became. The louder they became, the more they became my truth. I’m sure you can relate, we all can. But if you listen closely, you will discover that there is also another voice fighting for your attention. It’s the voice that gave you the idea in the first place. The voice that said to encourage a friend. The voice that said to start your blog, because someone needed to hear what you had to say. The voice that said to keep trying, even if it gets hard. We have to remember that our mind is in a constant battle for our attention, and what you feed it grows. The question then becomes, what are you feeding your mind? are you feeding it lies, or are you feeding it truth? Truths that say, You are chosen. You are loved. You have been washed clean. You are free from condemnation through Christ’s death. You have the mind of Christ.
You can do all things through Christ. 
I don’t know about you, but speaking, and rehearsing those truths, gives life to my soul. It reminds me that God does have a plan for my life. When the lies say you are wrong, simply respond, “They are His words not mine.” As you go about your day, remember to drown out the noise. No longer give you attention to a voice that serves no other purpose, but to make you doubt.  You are chosen, you are wanted, and you are called. Which voice will you believe?

Bible Verse 1 John 3:1

Encouragement For Today


Death By Comparison

As she closed her eyes, she envisioned herself living out her dreams. Emotions of excitement filled her soul, and in that very moment, she believed that she could fly. When she opened her eyes, her reality was there to meet her. As she compared herself to the countless people who went before her, she started to feed herself lies. Lies that she wasn’t good enough. Lies that she wasn’t smart enough. Lies that said she’d never make it. Within minutes, a dream that was so real, met a death, by comparison.

Often times in life, we compare ourselves to other people. We see someone doing the things that we dream of, and feel as though we will never make it. We allow ourselves to be consumed with negative thoughts that make us feel inferior. We torture our spirit, that’s trying to break free and live. We kill our dreams because we refuse to move beyond what we see. If we constantly compare ourselves to others, we will never be good enough. We will always find an excuse not to move forward. We will always find an excuse not to try. We will continue to bring death to the vision, and dream, that God has placed in our hearts. You have to remember that it’s your journey. You have been given a dream, and a vision, for the things that the Heavenly Father, wants to do through “YOU.” You have all that you need to start walking. It’s time to develop tunnel vision. Look straight ahead, and don’t compare. You are good enough. You are smart enough, and you still have a dream. Refuse to allow death by comparison to steal what’s yours. It’s time for you to step forth, and do everything that you have been called to do in this season. Don’t allow fear (False Evidence Appearing Real) to stop you. After all, fear doesn’t even exist. As you go about your day remember this, “You Can, If You Will”

Bible Verse 2 Corinthians 10:12

Encouragement For Today


The Power of Clarity

There is nothing worse than walking with a dream inside of you, and not knowing exactly what you want. I know that may sound confusing, but hear me out. We all have dreams. Some consider their dreams to be big, and some small. Like myself, I dream of inspiring the world. Encouraging others to think a little deeper. I want to encourage people to dream again, and not to allow the grave to inherit their gift. I dream of traveling the world, and allowing my words to heal, inspire, and encourage. I dream of listening to stories of breakthrough in people lives, and having a moment where we cry tears of joy together. I have a dream. A lot of times, we hold our dreams in our hearts, but never truly know what we want, we just have an idea. The idea of knowing what we truly want, brings about an emotion that we confuse with clarity. The emotion makes us think that we are crystal clear, when in reality we’re not. Most of us never take the time to write down exactly what we want, in the order in which we plan to conquer. ( note to self) Ouch, that hurt! We must began to clarify exactly what we want, and get crystal clear. Write out your dream, step by step. Put a plan together for each step that you plan to take. Fall in love with the feeling of the actions, and the process. This will allow you to focus on each and every beautiful step you plan to take. It will help you not to feel so lost in the midst of your big dream.  Although God has his own way of bringing about His plan in our life, He’s still the one who placed the dream in your heart. Today, I pray for clarity over your dreams, and your life. I pray that you will see past the things you currently see, and know that you too still have a dream. I pray that you will not settle for what life decides to hand you, but go after what you want. This is not end all, be all. You are here for a reason, and that dream of yours, is not just for you. See the dream, clarify the dream, and go after your dream. No, you may not always feel like it, but we don’t live by our ever-changing feelings. We must live life by facts. The fact of the matter is, you have a dream, and it’s time for you to clarify, execute, and allow God to direct your steps.

Bible Verse Isaiah 30:21

Encouragement For Today



In You I Trust

With a heart filled with gratitude, I am reminded to simply trust. Trust that God makes no mistakes. Trust that God answers prayers. Trust that the Heavenly Father knows what’s best, and trust that He will never let you fall. So many of us have experienced times in our lives where we knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the vision God placed in our hearts, and minds was going to require complete trust in Him. That included drowning out the noise, and not allowing the current view of what we see, to discourage our beliefs, or blur our vision. When we are faced with opposition, and the negative voices from our friends, and family, start to emerge, we have to make a choice. We must choose to trust. Trust that this is your season, and He has given you a vision for a reason. Most of the time, we don’t even trust ourselves when stepping into the unknown. We can’t see what’s ahead of us, we just know that He said to go. We know that He has called us to step forth, to walk beside, and trust Him. Be reminded today, that whatever it is that you have been instructed to do, you have been also graced to do it. It will not be easy, and yes you may have to walk in the natural alone, but when you have been given a vision, and called to step forth, don’t look back, or to the side. Keep your eyes looking ahead, and trust Him. There are so many people attached to you, that need for you to finish the race. They need the hope, encouragement, and inspiration. They need to see you win, so that they can start to believe in themselves. You are the one that has to bring about the change. You are the one that has been called to break generational curses in your family. I encourage you to be bold, face all of the things that may frighten you. Walk in confidence, do the work that is required, and watch what the Heavenly Father will do through you.

Bible Verse Romans 8:28

Encouragement for Today.