I’m a lover of all things nature. I love the outdoors, and its natural beauty. I love the sound of birds singing. I enjoy the smell of fresh air, it’s a reminder that I am still alive. I love being around water, because, it’s so calming. I love reading books, and the smell of both old, and new ones. I love coffee, but I think I love the smell even more. Chocolate is my best friend, (YUM!). I enjoy spending time with my husband, and children, they are my world. Encouraging others is my passion, so you will always find me lifting souls. I love meeting new people, and hearing their stories. I’m the person that most people try to avoid in public, ( I like to talk, LOL). In general, I love life, and am just happy to be here. 

I’d love to get to know more about you. What inspires you? What part of the world do you live? How can I better serve you? Lets chat my friend.

Many Blessings