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Weightless Burdens

Is it possible to still face everyday problems, and still have joy, and peace? Is it possible to smile, and have a glad heart even though every situation around you tells you to be burdened? Today I want to remind you that joy, peace, and a glad heart all are possible in the midst of adversity. Many times during our walk through life, we allow everyday problems to weigh us down. We carry burdens that we were never meant to carry. Our Heavenly Father is so gracious, and loves us so much, that He tells us to give Him every care, every hurt, and everything that may be weighing us down. He invites us to find peace, and rest in Him. Although the problem at hand may not go away, we are still able to hand over our thoughts by meditating on the Heavenly Father, and allow Him to steady our hearts. Be reminded, especially during this time of the year to seek peace in the Heavenly Father. Whatever burdens you may be carrying, allow Him to be your peace. Allow Him to help you smile. Allow Him to do what He has asked of you, and carry the stones that are weighing you down. He will sustain you through whatever it is you are faced with at this very moment. Allow love, hope, joy, and peace to replace your burdens. In all things, acknowledge Him, seek Him, and He will direct you in the way that you should go.

Bible verse Matthew 11:28-29

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More Than Anything

Help me want the Healer more than the healing
Help me want the Savior more than the saving
Help me want the Giver more than the giving
Help me want you Jesus more than anything

-Natalie Grant-

On this long journey called life, there are so many things that keep us distracted from what really matters. A lot of those things wont really matter in the end. We seem to always be in get state of mind, always desiring, and wanting more, and more. Today I am reminded to simply want the one who heals, who saves, and who gives. Jesus, we just want more of you. We want to rest in who you are, and not in what you do, and give us. Search our hearts oh Lord, and make it pure. Help us not to put anything before you. Help us to not always approach your thrown with a get state of mind, but with a mind, and heart of thanksgiving. You are our source, and our reason for being. Today we say thank you for who you are in our lives. Today we say thank you for your mercy, grace, and favor upon our lives. Help us want you Jesus, more than anything.

Bible Verse Matthew 6:33

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Here In Your Presence

In the midst of our busy lives, we often times neglect to rest. I don’t speak of resting in a sense of not going to work, or doing the task that need to be done. I speak of resting in Gods presence. It’s so easy for us to get in the flow of going through the motions, and allow our minds to become overwhelmed with the worries, and cares of life. We have developed a habit of concerning ourselves with things that aren’t ours to carry. We worry about tomorrow. We worry about next week. We worry about things that may not even happen, and give ourselves unnecessary anxiety. We have to be began to allow ourselves to become immersed in Gods presence. Your peace, and comfort, is found in His presence. Your burdens are lifted in His presence. Your doubts, and fears, fade in His presence. Your mind is set free in His presence. Today I am reminded that the things that I have made mountains in my life, become grains of sand when handed over to the Heavenly Father. He knows every thought, every worry, and everything that keeps you up at night. He knows every fear, every doubt, and every one of your needs. Take all of those things, and just rest in Him. Ask the Lord to give you peace, and help, to place things at His feet. I pray that we all take more time to enter into Gods presence, so that we can receive the peace that he desires to give us. I pray that His peace gives you the clarity that you need. I pray that His peace will steady your heart. It is in Gods presence that He reminds us that He is walking with us everyday. I encourage you to take a moment during your day to acknowledge the Heavenly Father. Enter into his presence, and receive the rest that you need. He’s the gift in our present, just waiting to be opened.

Bible Verse Exodus 33:14

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Trust Gods Process

Have you ever wondered why you have to go through certain things in life, to reach a goal, or destination? Surely things could be a lot easier, especially when you see a simple solution right in front of you. Often times we pray, and wish, for things that seem to take forever to be answered, or come to pass. You may even start to question whether or not you’re even on the right path, headed in the right direction. Hearing the term “Trust the process”, can seem a little cliché at times. What is the process even for? Why do I have to go through it? Isn’t there a simpler solution? These are the questions we find ourselves asking at times. As I thought on these questions this morning, I began to reflect back over my life. From the beginning of time, we have learned, and grown from our experiences. We crawled before we walked, and we walked before we learned to run. When we pray for things, there will always be a journey, or process, that we will have to take in preparation for what we are praying/asking for. Maybe there are some character issues that you need to adjust. Maybe now is just not the right time. Maybe God is positioning that perfect job, or lining up the people who will assist you in accomplishing your dreams/goals. Whatever the reasoning is, we have to learn to trust Gods process. It’s not going to always feel good as you’re going through certain things. You may have many days of frustration, doubt, and even find yourself growing impatient. In those moments of uncertainty, know that you are not walking alone. Began to speak to those thoughts of doubt. “God I Trust You”, “Your Plans Are Good”, Things Are Coming Together”. You may not understand now, but one day you will. As you go throughout your week, ask God to help you to trust him more. Ask Him to strengthen you for the journey you’re already on, and the journey to come. Remember, to never allow Gods promises, and truth, to be drowned out by your temporary storm, or situation. In all things, “TRUST HIM”, He’s Got You!

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Spiritual Growth

Damaged Goods

There once was a girl, who thought her life was beyond repair. On the outside she seemed to have it all together. Many nights she would look at the sky, and wonder if God really saw her. She wondered if He saw her scars, bruises, and tears. She wondered if He knew all the things she had gone through, and how those things had left her damaged. Feelings of unworthiness, low self-esteem, guilt, and shame, made her feel as though she was beyond repair. Little did she know, He saw her all along. He heard every prayer, wiped every tear, and was mending her broken heart. He was binding her wounds, and healing her bruises. He was transforming her into a trophy of grace.

So many of us can relate to that story. We’ve been in places in our lives where we’ve been bruised. We’ve experienced brokenness, and we’ve shed tears. We’ve prayed prayers, and wondered, if God was even listening. We’ve wondered if He truly saw us. Beautiful soul, He sees, and hears, you. He knows the things that burden you. He knows all about the things that makes you cry. He knows what keeps you up at night. He knows the details of everything you’ve gone through. He is a healer, and our keeper. There is nothing like the grace that He pours upon our lives. He invites us to sit at his feet, and rest in His presence. He “WILL” take you as you are, scars, and all, and turn you into a trophy of grace. He wants your life to be a testimony of His power, and truth, to every ear that will listen. Life is so much more than what you are seeing. I pray that you would search your heart, let down your guard, and remove your mask. Allow Jesus to touch your heart, and heal your wounds. He is faithful, and He loves you more than anything. I am a testimony of His goodness. I know the power of the cross, and am a recipient of His grace. That girl in that short story was me. So, to every ear that will listen, to every heart that will believe, you are not beyond repair, you’re just damaged. He is willing, and able, to transform every aspect of your life, and transform you into a trophy of grace. He is able, He is willing, & He is waiting.

Bible Verse Ephesians 2:7

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I Surrender

With hands raised, falling tears, and a broken heart, I cried out from the depth of my soul, for God to take the driver seat in my life. A little over a decade ago, I found myself in the darkest place of my life. I was lost, confused, and broken. For so long, I tried so hard to do things on my own. I knew God was there, but I had placed Him in the passenger seat, because I thought I knew best. Thankfully today, He has healed my heart of pride, by showering me with mercy, grace, and forgiveness.  He has set the course of my life on a new path. A path of purpose, and hope. A path that allows me to serve others, and tell them about His transformation power, and goodness.

We have all carried a heavy burden in our lives. Although our stories may be different, it does not change the fact that we all need saving. Often times, we choose to do things on our own. We think that we know what’s best, and completely place God in the passenger seat. We burden ourselves with unnecessary burdens, because we neglected to listen to His voice. When we turn a blind eye to His instructions, we will often times find ourselves burned out, lost, and confused. If this is your story, like it was mine, there is good news. The good news is that you can let God take the diver seat in your life. His ways, and plans, are good, and better than our own. You don’t have to be afraid of losing yourself, because you will find so much more in Him. Surrender every dream, every thought, every burden, and your future to Him. He is the master of art. He will take your blank canvas, and create a beautiful master piece. I know that He has amazing things for your life. Go to Him in humility, unmasked, and surrender all. He already knows your heart, but, he is waiting for you.

Bible Verse Matthew 16:24-27

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Praying For A Breakthrough

How many times have you prayed for a breakthrough in your life? I’m sure we all have, and many of us may be believing, and praying for a breakthrough right this moment. As I sat on my toddlers bedroom floor building blocks, and watching my five month old bouncing away in his bouncy, I could not stop thinking about the many things I had to accomplish today. I found myself asking God to help me be in the moment. To be honest, I needed an immediate breakthrough. I needed to not be so concerned about the list of things I needed to get done, and simply appreciate the irreplaceable time spent with my little ones. As I prayed my prayer, He immediately spoke to my heart. “Put down your phone,” and “close your laptop.” Although that was the last thing that I wanted to do, I knew it was the answer to my prayer in that moment. Although it did not feel good to hear that, I knew it was the cause of my distraction, and wondering mind. Although it wasn’t easy, almost immediately after I followed His instructions, my wondering mind was able to focus.

So many times in our lives, we pray, and God gives us the answer, but we don’t listen. We don’t listen because the answer that we received does not feel good to us, so we assume that it’s not God speaking. Everything that the Heavenly Father instructs us to do, is not always going to feel good, or make us happy. He seeks to transform our hearts, and show us truth. Not only should we pray for God to fix things in our lives, but we should also pray for God to show us the truth. Maybe it’s us that needs to be fixed, not what we perceive as the problem. Lets all commit to doing a better job of praying for truth, instead of being so focused on praying our problems away. Lets pray for God to give us new vision, so that we can see things from his perspective. God is good, and his goodness will never be defined by our circumstances.

Bible Verses Luke 11:28

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If Only For A Moment

As I poured a fresh cup of coffee this morning, I watched as the steam flowed out of the cup, as I inhaled the beautiful aroma of freshly brewed coffee. I don’t know about you, but I love the smell of coffee in the morning. As I began to take a sip, I heard my infant son began to awake, knowing that I would come to his rescue. As I looked to heaven with a sigh, I began to think about how great it would be to be able to drink my cup of coffee without any interruption. If only for a moment I could sit in silence, close my eyes, have a clear mind, and do absolutely nothing, but drink my coffee. As I took a deep breath, I was quickly reminded that at any moment, regardless of what I’m experiencing at the moment, I am free to draw on the Strength of the Heavenly Father, and enter into his peace. In the same way that my son knew that mommy would come to his rescue, the Heavenly Father is the same way with us. He is always there, waiting, and listening for His beloved children’s voice.  He is waiting to give the peace that we ask for, and the strength that we need at the exact moment that we request it. Too often, we forget that he is the our first point of contact. Whether feeling down, exhausted, aggravated, defeated, or whatever you are feeling in the moment, he is right there.

Even if it’s only for a moment, take some time and breath in His peace. Allow Him to fill your mind with thoughts of His goodness. When your thoughts seem to get the best of you, just think on him, and replace your thoughts with thoughts of gratitude. Not only is He a saving God, He is a loving God. A God that desires for His children to come to Him at anytime, any place, anywhere, and moment. He is a God that desires for his children to have joy, and peace at all times. Today, I pray that we will all remember that we are free to call upon the Lord, and enter his peace at anytime. I pray that we would remember that He will always be right there waiting, and listening for our sigh. Finally, I pray that as we go throughout our day, we would take some time to listen for His voice, and sit with Him, even if it’s only for a moment.

Bible Reference (Isaiah 40:31)

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Walking Billboard

As my family and I were traveling over the weekend, I found myself speechless as I gazed out the window at Gods beautiful creation. The sun shining over the tall trees and beautiful mountains gave me a sense of peace, and joy. Every so often, the beautiful scenery would be interrupted by a huge billboard. Some billboards advertised food, while others advertised their comfy hotel stays. As I read the advertisements, it made me think about my own life. It made me realize that I am a walking billboard. From the way that I live my life, talk, social media post, to the way that I treat others, it’s all on display. In the same way that we read billboards, see commercials, and other advertisements, someone is always watching us, and the way that we live our lives. The question then becomes, What are “YOU” advertising? Often times, we walk through life never thinking about how our actions, and our choice of words affect those around us. We allow fowl language, hate, and judgement, to be advertised on our billboards. We allow pride to dominate our lives, which then destroys our compassion for one another. We become numb to love from past hurts, which then becomes our featured advertisement in future relationships. We can all be a little more intentional about the things we choose to advertise on the billboards of our lives. By thinking before we speak, saying no to pride, humbling ourselves, thinking about every action before we act, and being mindful of the energy we are releasing into the world, we are sure to draw positivity into our lives, and the lives of those we encounter. One of the greatest gifts we can give someone is our presence. Lets make sure that we are advertising love, joy, peace, kindness, and living our lives the way we want to be remembered. At the end of the day, we have one life to live, and one story to tell.

What things are you advertising on your billboard?

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Flaws & All

I have a confession, I’m not perfect! There are days that I don’t get everything  right or mark everything off that’s on my to due list. Sometimes I forget to prep the coffee pot for the following morning. I don’t always remember what I went to the grocery store for. There are even times that I don’t get dinner done by six everyday, just to name a few. I know this may come as a big shocker to many, but truth is truth. We live in a society where people feel as though they have to live a flawless life. It seems as though people are afraid to be themselves, and admit that everything is not right with them. We are constantly wearing a mask in order to show others a false reality, but sadly we ourselves start to believe it. There was a time in my life where I dare not cry because it was a sign of weakness. Because of my pride, I made lots of mistakes and wrong decisions in my life. We have to understand that there is no such thing as perfect people. There is no such thing as a perfect life. Do I think we should always strive for excellence? absolutely, but I don’t think that we should continue to live in a false reality. It was truth that changed my life, and the direction in which I was headed. It was understanding that I would never be perfect in all that I do, but I can be made, and changed by a perfect God.

I know that you may be afraid to remove your mask, and you have every right to be. You have been taught to live in a false reality, and that’s all you have ever known. I understand because I was there. There is so much freedom in knowing who you are in Christ. Our Heavenly Father wants us to come to Him as we are. He does not want us to sit before him masked because He knows that we wont speak from our hearts. He wants you as you are. He wants you broken, so that He can mend you. He wants you prideful, so that He can humble you. He wants all of your mistakes, so that He can turn them into your victories. He wants all of you, not half of you. He wants your flaws and all. It’s Gods grace that follows us every morning, and allows us to start over. Remember its never too late to make a change. It’s impossible for you to be someone else, because every one else is already taken. Be who God created you to be. He made you unique for a reason, and you have an exclusive finger print to leave your mark on the world. If you don’t know where to start, just start at his feet. Sit before Him in silence and ask Him to speak to your heart. I promise that He will hear you. If you have never heard anyone admit to being imperfect, then let me be the first. I am glad that I am not perfect, because it is a daily reminder that I need God. It shows the world that although I am an imperfect person, I can still be used for greatness by a perfect God, and so can you.

My Prayer

Father, thank you for still loving me with my flaws and all. Thank you for always showering me with your mercy. Help us to understand that you don’t want us to be perfect, but to remember that we need you every second of our lives. I pray that you help others to remove their mask, and embrace themselves as you have made them. Help us to understand that our acceptance is found in you.

Romans 3:23 For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,

Proverbs 26:12 Do you see a man who is wise in his own eyes? There is more hope for a fool than for him.

Isaiah 5:21 Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes, and shrewd in their own sight!