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What does hope mean to you? For some of us, it’s hope for a better tomorrow. Your hope could be the expectation of Gods promises coming to pass in your life. For most of us, it’s also the anticipation of our final destination ‘Heaven.’ It’s not always easy to stay in a mindset of hope. When life happens we become distracted, and for a moment allow our hope to become a faint voice. We could all use an extra dose of hope. It could come in something as simple as a smile, or a hello. I’m sure you know someone that needs hope also. Maybe they are grieving the loss of a loved one. Maybe they feel as though life is really getting the best of them in this season. Whatever the reason, hope is something that we all need, and what sustains us. Our Heavenly Father is our ultimate source of hope. He is our strength when we feel weak, and our comforter, when we feel alone. He is our eyes when we can’t see, and the hand that carries us through life. Today, I want you to be reminded to carry hope with you wherever you go. Hope lives on the inside of you, because you are a believer of the most high. Share your hope with someone that needs it. Uplift a soul with a smile, and kindness. It’s in our service to others that our hope seems to grow. When we make our mission H.O.P.E ( Helping One Person Everyday ) we allow God to use us to touch the hearts of others, so that He can bring the change. In the end, hope carries a different meaning from person, to person. The one thing that remains the same, is the hope that we can give, and share with others. I pray that you would go forth, and make your mission H.O.P.E (Helping One Person Everyday). Hope is contagious, and one life changed is worth more than gold.

Bible Verse Galatians 6:9

Encouragement For Today

Encouragement, Inspiration

Sunshine Blogger Award Nomination

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Humbled, Speechless, Honored, Blessed, and Excited, are just a few words that barely scratch the surface of how I feel right now. To be nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award, for doing what I love, is beyond AMAZING!!! I started writing to encourage others, but had no idea it would go global. This has truly inspired me to continue to do the work the Heavenly Father has entrusted me to do.

Thank you Monaminga for the nomination. You are truly a gem, with a resilient mind, and it translates into your writings. I am honored that you take the time to grace my writings with your eyes.

I appreciate the questions that you’ve asked, and I will answer them in as much detail as possible. Let me first explain the rules for future nominees:

  • Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link back to their blog so others can find them.
  • Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you.
  • Nominate 11 other bloggers and ask them 11 new questions.
  • Notify the nominees about it by commenting on one of their blog posts.
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo on your post and / or your blog site.

Your Questions Answered

1. How long have you been blogging? I started blogging in November of 2016 as a way to share my heart, encourage, and give hope.
2. Do your friends and family support you in this? I would say yes to those that know I write. Would I like more family and friends to be supportive, of course but at the end of the day, I don’t blog for approval, I blog to change lives.
3. Which is your favorite time of the day? I like the evening because all of my family is home at the same time. To me it means that another prayer was answered.
4. What would be your dream vacation? I never really thought about this question. Anywhere with crystal clear waters. I love being around water because it’s so peaceful.
5. What genre of movies you like best? Oh Boy! I am not much of a movie/TV person, but if I had to choose, I’d have to say movies that have lessons, and positive vibes
6. What do you wake up to? That depends LOL. It could either be my husbands good morning, or my little’s yelling for me to come rescue them from their cribs.
7. Are you a morning person? I would consider myself a morning person. I like to rise with the sun
8. What motivates you? There are many things that motivate me. I love seeing people happy, and winning at this thing called life
9. How do you think your friends see you? There are various aspects to me. I’m silly, serious, funny, and mysterious all in one. I guess it depends on the situation, or moment. I would like to think they see me as well-rounded.
10. What would be your idea for saving the environment from pollution ? Great question, I would say finding a way to make it impossible for people to litter. Ban all toxic chemicals that harm humankind, or the earth.
11. Happy or peaceful, what is more important to you? Can I choose both? There are benefits to both, and a motto to live by.

I enjoyed answering your questions, they forced me to think, and reminded me of some very important reasons as to why I started blogging in the first place.

I nominate the following bloggers because I have been inspired by their writings, and want to thank them for sharing their gift with the world.

Riverside Peace
John Eli

Questions for nominees

1.How long have you been writing? 2. Why do you write? 3. What inspires you? 4. What country do you live? 5. What fulfills you? 6. What genre of music do you like? 7. What makes you smile? 8. What motivates you to keep blogging? 9. How do you think your friends view you? 10. Do you feel supported in your blogging? 11. If you could change on thing to make the world a better place, what would it be?

Many Blessings to you all as you continue to inspire the world.



Just Be Kind

Image result for national kindness dayIn honor of World Kindness Day, let’s all remember to make kindness a daily part of our lives. Kindness should not be treated like a foreign language, it should be who we are, and something we embrace. Simple acts of kindness changes lives each and every day. We all have been at a point in our lives where a smile from a stranger, hug, or acknowledgment, brightened our day. As beacons of light, we are called to love, and show kindness to everyone. It doesn’t matter the ethnicity, beliefs, or race. At the end of the day, the same Savior that carried the cross for you, carried the cross for everyone else also. It’s not going to always be easy to step outside of yourself and see each and every person through the eyes of Christ; but through Him we are able to strive to love like Him. As you go throughout your day, remember that no act of kindness will ever go wasted. Be kind, be love, spread hope, and go out and be a blessing, even if it’s just a smile.

Bible Verse Ephesians 4:32

Encouragement For Today


Come Forth

IMG_7430One of the greatest gifts the Heavenly Father gave us was a brilliant mind. With the mind, we can create anything our heart desires. We create beautiful words that flow like music. We create masterpieces. Our mind is so brilliant that whatever thoughts we think on, has the ability to manifest in the natural. How amazing is that? Although the mind is such a mysterious beautiful work of art, it can also be the very thing that keeps us from reaching our fullest potential. What you feed it will grow. If we feed it love, joy, peace, kindness, and endless possibility, then that’s what it will produce. If you feed your mind hate, judgement, failure, and things that constantly bring you disappointment, then that’s what it will continue to produce. You truly do have a brilliant mind that is full of ideas, creations, and amazing works of art. It is just awaiting your command to step forth. If we were made in Gods image, and He is a creator, then we too are creators. I encourage you to release your mind to reach its fullest potential. Rewrite your thought patterns, and step forth my friend. You are brilliant, you are creative, and you have so much to offer the world. I pray that God blesses your mind, and the work of your hands. I pray that you will see past what’s in front of you, and see endless possibility.

Bible Verse Genesis 1:26-27

Encouragement For Today


Why You Don’t Believe

why is it so hard for us to wrap our minds around the fact that we are unique, and purposed? Why do we continue to walk around defeated, with a defeated mindset? I may not know your exact reasons, but I am pretty sure they are similar to what mine were. We all have things that shape our perspective throughout life. Maybe your perspective was shaped by an unhealthy childhood. Maybe it was shaped by a bad relationship that left you broken, and confused. It could have even been shaped by the people you chose to keep in your circle. For me, all of those things mentioned shaped my beliefs. Experiencing the emotions of childhood rejection, and bad relationships, devalued my belief in myself for years. I couldn’t see past my hurt, and understand that I was purposed for greater. I didn’t believe in myself because no one else really did. Most of our beliefs are impostures of the truth. If your beliefs don’t tell you that you were created with a purpose, it’s an imposture. If your beliefs don’t tell you that there is greatness within you, it’s an imposture. If your beliefs tell you that you are not worthy, unloved, and rejected, it’s an imposture. We have to get rid of our limited beliefs. Those beliefs that tell us the opposite of what God says about us, and our capabilities. You are more than enough. You are not your past. You are more than the bad choices you have made. You are more than what you believe yourself to be. If you think back over your life, you will recall moments of hurt, and pain that impacted your beliefs. I encourage you to face those moments, and no longer allow them to control you anymore. No longer allow them to put false limitations on you. They have no place in your life. They can’t go with you where God is trying to take you. Be encouraged today my friend, and find something, and a reason to believe again. When we believe, we find hope. Where there is hope, there is possibility. I pray that you overcome whatever limited beliefs that you have, and allow your inner greatness to prevail.

Bible Verse Matthew 21:22

Encouragement For Today


Finding Hope In The Process

What if I told you that it is possible to maintain happiness, and gratitude, while being faced with tough times? what if I told you that your circumstances play a role in how you feel, but your perspective plays a much bigger role? Often times we look at the things that are going wrong in our lives, which often times cause us to feel the negative emotions of our circumstances, or situation. It is very rare that we take the time to re-focus our attention on the things that are going good for us. Just like making a hot cup of coffee in the morning is a process, so is it with life. It is very rare that we taste the coffee before it’s finished brewing. However, as the coffee is brewing, the aroma fills the air, and you become hopeful as the smell builds the anticipation of what the first sip will taste like. Finding hope is not always easy, but it is possible if we look. The question then becomes, where are we looking? Are we looking at the mountains that are ahead of us? are we making up non-existent problems because we just received unpleasant news? Most of the time we create problems in our minds by living in a what if mindset. What if this happens? What if that happens? This forces us to live is a false reality, and puts us on an emotional roller-coaster ride. It’s time to focus our attention on the things that are going good in our lives, rather than talking about, and focusing on the negative. No one is exempt from going through some sort of process in life, but we all have the option to find, and choose hope. “Although your today may look hopeless, there is still time to find hope for tomorrow.” As you go about your day, ask God to help you shift your perspective. Ask him to help you see what he sees. After all, he tells us in his word to not burden ourselves with the cares of tomorrow, but to instead focus on the present. When we start to see the present as a gift, then we will truly see how blessed we really are.

Daily Verse

Matthew 6:34 Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.

Encouragement For Today


Awakening Your Giant

At some point in our lives, we have all had moments of courageousness. Moments where we’ve felt we can do anything. We’ve had moments when we thought the sky was the limit and was determined to reach it. Somewhere along the line, those things changed. We started to think that we were not able to accomplish our goals. We’ve thought that our time for greatness had past us by. We have believed the lies that we tell ourselves day in and day out. This was the story of my life at some point. Sadly this is also the story of so many other peoples lives today. We have to realize that most of us are walking around like sleeping giants. We have not come to the realization that there is greatness inside of us. We have conformed to the new normal of just living a life only just to get by. It is time to awake your sleeping giants.

This is your life, and you only have one to live on this earth. It is time to undo what has been done. It is time to fill your mind with new truths. Truths that say that you are more than a conqueror. Truths that say there is nothing that you cant overcome. truths that tell you to keep fighting. Truths that tell you that its not too late. Truths that say you are good enough, and deserve it. This is how I began to walk in  my truths. By renewing my mind to Gods truths about me. Even though I may face adversity in this life, I refuse to allow my giant to fall back asleep. This giant has awakened, and there is no stopping now. You have to awaken your giant, and allow the greatness that God has placed on the inside of you to come forth.

You have a brilliant mind awaiting YOUR command to come forth.  -Elena Green-

My Prayer

God, give us new vision. Help us to see what you see in ourselves. We know that you created us in your image. You have given us your DNA, so therefore you have called us to walk with authority. Help us to no longer accept less than we should. Help us to find our confidence, and courage. We know that you have assigned each and everyone of us an assignment, help us to complete it.

Proverbs 3:26

For the LORD will be your confidence And will keep your foot from being caught.



What Are You Waiting For?

So much of our lives is spent waiting. We wait for doctors appointments. We wait in line for fast food. We wait in lines while out shopping. We wait for our true love to find us. If you think about it, at some point during the day, we will find ourselves waiting. Don’t get me wrong, waiting can be a good thing, but it can also impact our lives negatively. Often times, we become so accustomed to waiting, that we put off things that we should be doing right this moment. We procrastinate on our dreams. We put off accepting Christ because we think we have time, or we’re waiting for our lives to get right. We hold out on forgiving those that have wronged us because we refuse to be humble, and do what’s right. We are all going to have to wait at some point, but what about those things that we have the ability to control. What are you waiting for? Why are you waiting to step out on your dreams? Are you afraid of rejection? Do you not believe in yourself? Is the doubt in your mind louder that your faith? It does not matter if no one else believes in you, as long as you do. God placed a dream in “YOUR” heart, so don’t be afraid, don’t doubt, just go.  Why are you waiting to turn your life over to God? Is it because you’re waiting for your life to be perfect? Are you too full of hurt, and shame? Do you think that you are beyond his reach? You are never too far gone, and there is nothing that you can do that can stop Him from loving you. He wants you as your are, flaws, and all. He is the king life makeovers, and soul transformations. Finally, stop waiting to be loved. You are already loved, and you must love yourself in this moment. We spend so much time waiting for people to validate our worth. We wait for people to show us love so that we can feel worthy. Embrace you, love you, and know your worth. No more waiting on those things that we need to do in this moment. No more procrastinating on life changing decisions. I encourage you to take a look at the things in your life that you have the ability to do in this moment, and do them. One of the biggest mistakes we make in life, is thinking we have time. We don’t know when we will take our last breath, but as long as were still breathing, there is work to be done. Have faith, stand up, and stop waiting.

Encouragement For Today


The Truth Hurts, But It Works

As I sat on my laptop, sipping my coffee, and watching my daughter play, I began to think about the things that brought me to this moment in my life. This moment where my life is drama free. This life where I am full of joy, love, and happiness. A life where I get to serve my family, and others, through the gifts that God placed on the inside of me. My life has not always been this way. There were times in my life where I found myself hopeless, in unhealthy relationships, stressed, depressed, and mixed in crowds and places I should not have been. I remember the times where I was broken, and confused, and at the end of my rope. Through it all, I came to a turning point in my life. God placed people in my path that would tell me the truth in love. Through their truth, I began to make changes that would set the course of my life on a different path. Although their truth hurt, I knew it was right. I had to cut off bad relationships, and change the things that I entertained in order to be the best version of myself. I had to adapt a new mindset, and learn how to say “NO”. I came to an understanding that life will always be what I make it, good or bad. Often times, we close our ears to the truth because we don’t want to change bad enough. We close our hearts to the truth because if we truly look within, we may not like what we find inside, so we ignore. Often times, we allow the hurt that we’ve endured to overshadow the greatness within us.

Maybe you have been running from your truth. Maybe you have been hurt, and need to let it go in order to move forward with your life. Whatever it is that you need to face, face it with an open mind and open heart. Don’t continue to dismiss the very truth, that can change your life for the better. We are all on different journeys, but the one thing that makes us the same, is the ability to choose. I am no better than anyone, I just chose to look in the mirror, and became the change that I wanted to see in the world.

Be encouraged today, and know that the truth does work, but only when we accept it. I don’t know what your truth is, or what it is you’ve been running from. Only you, and God knows your heart, and your thoughts. Search your heart today, and ask God to help you in the areas of your life that you want to change. Spend some time and sit with him. He has things that He wants to show you, and a heart that He wants to heal.

Encouragement For Today


A Changed Mind

” If you find yourself in the wrong story, leave”- Mo Willems

When I read that quote for the first time, I could not help but to think about my life, and the many times that I found myself in the wrong story in the past. We have all had an idea of what we thought our lives would be like growing up. We had dreams, and aspirations, and believed that we could be and do anything that we wanted. Some had dreams of traveling the world, and making a difference in the lives of others. As we all know, life does happen and those things in which we once dreamed of, can sometimes become lost along life’s journey. We have all faced various roadblocks, and obstacles in life, but the one thing that we must remember is that we have the right to change our minds, and head into a different direction. Maybe you are in a place in your life that feels hopeless. Maybe you feel as though it’s too late for you to pursue that dream that you tucked away in the back of your mind. Maybe you’ve surrounded yourself with chickens, and you know that you are an eagle. Whatever it is, you have the right to change your mind and choose a better path.

Although you may feel like this is it for you, and that it is impossible for things to get better, know that as long as you’re still breathing, you can make a change. As you go about your day, I encourage you to take a look into your heart. What is it that you want in this life? What makes you happy? what fulfills you? What makes your heart glad? If you could change one thing to change the course of your life for the better, what would it be? Know that our Heavenly Father desires for us to have every good thing according to his will. He loves you, and still have good things in store for you. He just wants you to say “Yes”.

Encouragement For Today