Remind Me

Have you ever overcame a rough patch in your life, that now seems like a distant memory? Maybe you are experiencing another rough patch, and have no idea as to how you are going to make it through. Often times, we forget about those moments in our past where God answered a prayer, and carried us to the other side. We forget about the promises we made to the Heavenly Father. We even forget about the promises that He made to us in His word. Be reminded today, that the Same God that saw you through previous rough patches in your life, is the same God that will carry you to the other side this time. When we think back over our lives, and the goodness of God, it gives us hope for the future. It allows us to see Gods hand in every situation big, or small. It allows our trust in the Heavenly Father to be unwavering. I pray that whatever you are currently facing in your life, is interrupted by a reminder. A reminder that you will be okay. A reminder that you will overcome. A reminder that God is with you. A reminder that you are not walking alone. A reminder that the Heavenly Father still hears your prayers. Sometimes in the midst of going through, it is hard to remind ourselves of the journey we have already traveled. Pray and ask the Heavenly Father to remind you. Ask Him to help you to see Him in the midst of your circumstances. May you be reminded today, that He has not carried you this far to leave you. 

Just Remember When You Prayed For The Things You Have Now

Bible Verse Psalm 143:8

Encouragement For Today


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